In You Are Not Alone & Other Stories we hear the heart beating after it has stopped, but not as in Poe. It is righteous and profoundly moving how she convinces us that even when living ends, life continues as nuanced conversations with self and others. Sherril Jaffe’s writing will survive us all.

– Maxine Chernoff

These stories pummel you—deceptively, elegantly—with the desperation and glory of people just like you muddling through their lives. Its characters stand teetering on brinks of their own making, the pin pulled from the grenade, the reader standing by, wide-eyed, anticipating the detonation, unable to stop turning the pages.

Joseph Bathanti, author of High Heart

Praise for  Expiration Date (2010)

Written with lyrical urgency by a seasoned San Franciscan, this is a rare and much-needed novel that investigates old age without cuteness or sentimentality and with sexual candor… Written with warmth, humor, wisdom and sublime control, this page-turning novel succeeds as a meditation on aging; as an examination of the impact of life’s hourglass on serious decisions; and as a character study… A funny, sexy look at a woman’s emergence in her 80s.

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Jaffe marries her somber theme with keen observations, making this the rare conceptual book containing characters that readers will root for.

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Publishers Weekly

A funny, thoughtful examination of the parent-child relationship and the blurring of generational lines. It is also a delightful reminder of the unexpected lives that await us.

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If you like simple yet poignant, gentle yet hard-hitting funnies, this is the book for you. The relationships explored, along with the idea of an Angel of Death and ways of cheating this Angel, are very well actualised and I would very much like to explore Jaffe’s back catalogue after reading this.

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For Books’ Sake

Quizzical and quick-witted, and with a hearty sense of humor, Jaffe’s writing is straightforward but profound in its subject matter, at once metaphysical and practical.

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SF Weekly

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